Making The Most of Your Storage Space

What To Consider Before Renting A Storage Unit For Your Personal Belongings

Before renting any type of storage space for your personal belongings, you must consider a few factors that will influence your decision. With some additional information, you can choose the right location, and it can help you pick between two different types of units. It will take some time to look into these aspects, but it is worth the effort, since it will make it easier to choose the right storage unit for your items.

Insurance Options

The first thing you need to look into is whether the storage facilities in your area offer insurance. Some companies offer insurance that you pay for in conjunction with your monthly rental fee.

In most cases, this insurance covers the cost of items if they are lost due to a fire, flood or security breach of the facility. For example, if a thief manages to bypass the facilities security system, then any loss of belongings in a properly secured unit is covered. However, if you forget to lock your unit and items are stolen, then the insurance will usually not cover replacing any items you lost.

If the storage facilities in your area do not offer insurance or you want more coverage, you can check to see if your homeowners or renters insurance policy covers these types of units. You may need to purchase additional coverage from your insurance company, but it is worth it to have some type of insurance for the items you store outside of your home.

Security Features

Another factor to consider is the security features that each facility offers. You want a facility that uses cameras and personal entry codes, since these features help reduce the likelihood that your unit will be broken into. Thieves look for easy targets and facilities with a higher security presence are undesirable targets for your average burglar.

Climate Control

When you find similar security and insurance options offered by several facilities, you want to look into another feature such as climate-controlled spaces. This feature is beneficial when you plan to store electronics, wood, art or paper within the unit. Since the storage space is kept at a constant temperature, there is less risk to your items warping due to fluctuating temperatures.

Some facilities also offer humidity control as well, which is helpful for when you want to store wood or paper items. Since there will be less moisture in the air, you do not have to worry about mold or mildew growing on your belongings when the humidity is high in your area.

Locating and renting the right storage space, from places like Target Self Storage, is easier when you take some time and look through your options. Once you have some additional information, you can choose a unit that best suits your storage concerns.

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Making The Most of Your Storage Space

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