Making The Most of Your Storage Space

2 New Developments In The International Moving Industry That Did Not Exist 10 Years Ago

If you are moving to Canada from another country, doing so is likely to be one of the biggest moves you will ever experience. Excluding details about passports, visas and determining how long you will stay, the complexity of your move is often more difficult because of the distance of your move. Even if you are moving from somewhere nearby, like Michigan, it is still a good idea to make very detailed plans in order for your move to go as smoothly as possible.

Therefore, learning about some of the newer options provided by moving companies will be quite helpful. 

Large Self-contained Shipping Units

One of the more popular ideas for moving is being seen in increasing numbers over the last few years. The idea itself is very simple and involves ordering a large unit, usually bigger than a vehicle, that is delivered to your home. As you pack items, they can be moved into the unit and, when the unit is full, the company picks it up. When you are moving to Canada, they can deliver it to your new home and you are given a certain amount of time to unpack it. They will then pick it up from you.

Moving companies providing this service are doing so assuming that you or someone in your family will be able to pack and unpack the unit. Obviously, you can hire people to do so if time or physical limitations make doing so challenging. In addition, this method provides you with more time and flexibility for the move, as you do not have to pack up everything you own in a day or two before movers arrive.  

Use the Same Moving Company From Point A to Point B

It was not that long ago that moving internationally was something of a nightmare. Because companies did not always have permission to travel from one country to another, it was sometimes necessary to choose one company to start and then change to another company when you were at the border to your new country. Fortunately, now it is much easier to find companies that have the permission to move items internationally and the required insurance to do so.  

It is also important to note that when choosing movers, it is crucial to choose someone who is familiar with what does and does not accrue extra duty fees. Common examples that don't require fees are normal household belongings like antiques, furniture clothing and books. You will be responsible for extra costs for farm, construction or manufacturing equipment, as well as any items you are currently leasing. 

In conclusion, any move can be difficult, but moving internationally often presents with extra issues that you may be unaware of. Fortunately, if you choose a company with experience with international moves to Canada, their knowledge help your move go much better. For more information, contact local moving companies like Canadian Van Lines.

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Making The Most of Your Storage Space

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