Making The Most of Your Storage Space

3 Great Ways To Improve Storage Space In Your RV

RV's can get cluttered quickly. In order to make sure that travelling in your RV is as stress free as possible, you may want to consider increasing your storage space. This suggestion can be frustrating for many people because they simply don't know how. Luckily, there are three easy methods you can use to get the most out of your RV storage space:

1. Use All of the Available Wall Space in the Kitchen

The main place in an RV that is underutilized with regards to storage are the walls. There are numerous ways that you can harness the potential storage space of the walls.

If you are in the kitchen, you are going to be working with a lot of metal. Go to a hardware store and purchase some magnetic strips and some strong adhesive. Using the adhesive, mount the metal strips to the wall. If you are worried about aesthetics, you can mount one large magnetic strip and then paint the edges to match the inside of your RV. These strips can now be used to store metal pans, cutlery, and other metal objects that you use in the kitchen.

Another great idea that you can use in the kitchen is to mount a metal tray to the wall. Make sure that the metal tray matches the decor of your room. Then, take all of your spice containers and put strong magnets on their bottoms. When you are not using the spice containers, you can simply store them on the metal tray.

2. Use the Backs of Doors

One way that you can use the back of the door for storage is to hang a trashcan on the door of the cabinet that is underneath your sink. This will free up a little bit of extra storage space underneath the sink and ensure that your trashcan does not tip over while travelling.

Another way is to mount pouches on the inside of the main door to the RV. You can purchase pouches at a hardware store or at a retail store right before school is about to start. Place items that you frequently take with you when you travel inside these pockets to help you avoid a frantic search before you leave.

3. Use Your Headboard

Take a rack that is as wide as your bed and put it behind the end of your bed where your pillows are. Then, hang a quilt that has pockets on the rack behind the bed. These pockets will provide additional storage space for glasses, e-readers, and anything else you might need before you go to sleep. The quilt itself will look like an attractive headboard.

Use these tips to maximize your storage space and optimize your travel time.

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Making The Most of Your Storage Space

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