Making The Most of Your Storage Space

3 Reasons To Use Self Storage Before Having A Baby

Welcoming your first child into the world is an unparalleled experience full of joy and learning. Your entire world shifts gears as you foster and protect a tiny new life. Planning for the arrival of your first child is certainly a time full of happiness, but it can also become stressful as you face new challenges. As such, you need to take advantage of the resources around you to help you stay organized. Renting a self storage unit is one of the best things you can do when expecting your first child. Here are three reasons to use self storage before having a baby.

Prepare for a nursery but hold on to your old furniture with self storage.

Preparing a room in your house or apartment for your baby's nursery is one of the most enjoyable parts of impending parenthood. Making sure that the space is safe, clean, and decorated is key to planning your nursery. Your first challenge is in deciding what to do with all of the old furniture and decorations in that room. While you may not have a use or even space in your home for some of your old bookshelves, boardgames, and furniture, you may not be ready to part with them quiet yet. These items can be safely stowed in your rented storage unit, and you can easily access them at any time when you a ready to bring them back into your home. A storage unit helps you to create space in your home without compromising on things you want to keep for later in life.

Store baby shower gifts until you are ready to use them.

Your friends and family want to help you prepare for your new baby and to celebrate with you during your baby shower. Customarily, your friends will bring you baby shower gifts. These gifts could be anything from baby clothes to furniture. You may not be ready to use some of these gifts until your baby is older; for example, you may not have room in your home and nursery for clothes in larger sizes, toys that are appropriate for older babies, and other large items. Instead of stressing about where to keep things in your home and causing clutter, you can easily put them in storage and get them as needed.

Your storage unit can be used as you expand your family.

As time goes on, you may decide to add more children to your family. Instead of hanging on to baby things as your first child grows, you can simply put them away in storage. When the right time comes to have another child, then you can easily retrieve all of the things you wanted to keep. This keeps your house organized and uncluttered, and also saves you money in the long run as you do not have to replace expensive baby furniture, car seats, and clothing.

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