Making The Most of Your Storage Space

Green Living Tips For A More Eco-Friendly Moving Day

Think about the last time you moved. How did you transport your items from one location to the next? If you packed them in cardboard boxes that later ended up in the trash, you're not alone. Surely, this is a popular way to transport items from one home to the next, but it's far from the most green solution. Here's a look at a more Eco-friendly way to pack your things, as well as several other tips to make moving day better for the planet:

Rent plastic moving crates instead of using cardboard boxes.

Some moving companies have plastic moving crates that they will lend to customers. Unlike cardboard moving boxes which are typically used once and thrown away, these crates can be used again and again, so they cut down on waste production. If you're hiring a company to move for you, look for one that reuses containers rather than using new boxes for each move.

Find used boxes to pack your items in.

If you don't have a lot to move, you can probably find used boxes to use for packing. Ask around at local supermarkets and check with friends who have moved recently. Keep the boxes in good shape, so you can pass them on to another friend who is moving after you're done with them.

Get rid of extra stuff before you move.

If you take everything with you and throw things away after you get to your new place, you'll need a much larger truck than if you were to throw away or donate your excess items before the move. This is especially important if you're moving across town using just your personal vehicle. Fewer items to move will translate to fewer trips with the car, which means less fuel burned.

Donate or give away items you don't need.

Speaking of downsizing your possessions, make sure you don't just throw away items you don't need. Give used clothing to thrift stores, find friends who want the dishes and cookware you no longer use, and take your electronics to a local electronics store that offers recycling services. It can be tempting to just toss these items in the trash when you're in a hurry to move, but doing so will just add to the huge mountains of waste in landfills.

Look for a moving company that uses biodiesel trucks.

If you're hiring movers, ask about the kinds of trucks they use. Trucks that run on biodiesel are more eco-friendly than those that use standard gasoline. More and more companies are switching to biodiesel trucks, so chances are good that you'll find one in your area.

Finally, you can make eco-friendly moving easier on yourself by planning ahead. This way, you won't be tempted to toss items in the trash because you don't have time to take them to a donation center, or hire a less eco-friendly moving company because they're the only ones available. Start planning your move the day you confirm that you're moving, and it will be a lot easier on you and the planet.

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Making The Most of Your Storage Space

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