Making The Most of Your Storage Space

How To Store Unused (But Potentially Useful) Kitchen Appliances

Throughout the years you can accumulate a lot of "stuff" -- and kitchen "stuff" tends to accumulate more and more quickly than any other type of clutter. However, you might not want to throw it all out -- after all, chances are good that you'll use some of it someday, and a lot of it may be gifts from family and friends. If you're looking for ideas on cleaning up kitchen clutter without throwing it all away, then here are some tips for storing all that "stuff" where it's out of sight, but still accessible.

Step #1: Group by type

At this point, you've probably already spent lots of time gathering together all the appliances that you don't use, but might need. Take that pile and start sorting -- what stuff has to go on the counter, what can be broken down (safely!) into smaller parts, what might scratch or damage other appliances, etc. You'll probably end up with three or four separate piles, which will make storing these things much simpler.

Make sure to keep holiday items in a separate pile -- you won't use them 11 out of 12 months of the year, but you'll want them all together once December 1st hits.

Step #2: Location scouting

If you've got an unused (or underused) spot off the beaten tracks in your house, then you're in luck -- those boxes filled with treasured yet unused items can slip right in that empty closet under the stairs. If, like 99% of the population, you don't have a conveniently empty closet lying around, start getting creative. Not all the boxes need to go in the same spot -- if you can fit one under the bathroom sink, another in the top of the guest bedroom's closet, and just one in that cupboard under the stairs, you're well on your way to finishing the job.

If you really don't have the space, consider a self storage unit like one at Canada Storage Station Storage. They're inexpensive and will keep your items in a cool, dry place where they'll be safe from harm.

Step #3: Make a list

You'll want to check this list more than twice -- it'll be invaluable later. Once you've decided on a place for all your knick-knacks (but before you put those boxes anywhere), make a detailed (in this case, that means itemized) list of what things are in which box, and where exactly that box sits, whether in your house or in a handy self storage unit. When you want that motorized whisk, or the handy zucchini noodle maker or even your herb stripper, you'll know right where to look.

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Making The Most of Your Storage Space

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