Making The Most of Your Storage Space

How To Organize Your Storage Unit

Keeping a storage unit organized can be difficult when boxes begin to pile up to the ceiling. Keeping things organized will help you to be able to gain access to just about any item inside the unit, without having to tear apart each and every box. Here are some simple storage tips that you can utilize to keep things from getting cluttered and that can help you when taking things in or out of the unit.

Label Everything

In a storage room, you should have everything labeled with a clear white label and the contents clearly written on the label in black marker. Labeling everything will allow you to quickly glance at the label and know exactly what the contents of the box are without having to go through each box. You can also leave an itemized list of the labels on a sheet of paper attached to the wall inside the door to allow you to quickly reference the entire contents of your storage locker.

Keep A Flashlight At The Door

Storage rooms can be dark, and when they get crammed with items, it can be difficult to get good lighting inside a storage unit. A simple solution is to keep a flashlight right at the door to the unit that is easily accessible and can be used if you need to shine a light in a tight space. Even if the storage unit has light, there is the potential for the light bulb to burn out and having easy access to a flashlight will help prevent you from tripping over boxes.

Put Heavy Items In Boxes With Handles

If you have heavy items that are being kept in storage, you can help lighten the load by putting them inside boxes with handles. Handles will allow you to grab onto the box easier while putting the minimum amount of strain on your back. If a box doesn't have handles, you can simply tape up the box, then take a utility knife and cut handles into the sides of the box. Make sure to cut a couple inches down the side of the box to ensure that the handles will hold the weight of the item inside.

Following the tips outlined above can help you avoid some rookie storage mistakes that can be prevented with these simple organization guidelines. Consult with your local storage provider to see what types of lockers they have available and what type of unit will work best for your need.

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Making The Most of Your Storage Space

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