Making The Most of Your Storage Space

Give Your Moving Crew A Helping Hand By Color Coding

If you are planning to hire a professional moving company to help you with your upcoming move, you will surely want to ensure you get the most out of these services. After all, moving can be an expensive task. Thankfully, there is an easy way to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck and take some of the stress out of moving day. Best of all, the only skill you need to make this time saving method work is the ability to complete kindergarten level crafts.

One Room = One Color

In order to complete this part of the process, you will need to begin by counting the number of rooms in your new home. Remember, it does not matter how many rooms your current home has, only the number of rooms in the home you will be moving into.

Once you determine how many rooms you will be moving items into, you will need to assign a different color to each of these rooms. For example, your kitchen may be represented by the color blue while your child's bedroom is represented by the color green.

As you go through your list of rooms and assign each room a color, be sure to make note of the assignment. This will provide you with a master list that you can refer back to in case you forget what each color means while you are packing your belongings.

Time To Get Packing

As you complete the task of packing your home, use colored paper to label each box or piece of furniture according to the room they will be going to in your new house. If you are worried about the paper ripping or falling off during the move, you can also choose to invest in self adhesive colored labels. If you are unable to find labels in all of the colors that you need, you can also purchase a few name tags and simply color them in using crayons or markers.

When you are done packing, each item should be clearly marked with a colored label that indicates its place within your new home.

Moving Day Directions Made Easy

When moving day finally arrives, try and get to your new home at least a few minutes before the moving crew. This will allow you to get everything set up for a smooth unloading process.

In order to ensure your moving crew is able to easily identify where each item goes, simply identify each room in the house by hanging a sheet of appropriately colored paper in the main entrance to the room. When the crew starts to unload the moving truck, this will allow them to quickly determine where each item should be placed by simply matching the colored label on the box to the colored paper that identifies each room.

Not only will this moving day strategy help to prevent a pileup of boxes and furniture by the entrance to your home, but it can also help to save you a ton of time during the unpacking process as all of the items in your house will already be in the correct room of the house. For more tips, contact a company like Hendra Moving & Storage (2007) Ltd.

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Making The Most of Your Storage Space

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