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3 Tips To Prepare For Heavy Hauling

Even if you are contracting with a heavy hauling service to move cargo from one location to another, you still have some preparation work to do. Whether or not your shipment makes it to its destination without problems depends on it. Here are some tips on preparing for hauling. 

Understand Your Needs

When you are shopping for a heavy hauling service, it is important that you know your information. Information, such as the length, height, and width of the shipment can be useful in helping the haulers understand what you need. 

The service might need to get permits to haul your shipment. If there are serial numbers involved with the cargo, you need to also provide that information. Failing to turn over that information in a timely manner could result in a delay of hauling your cargo.

Know How Time Impacts Your Shipment

Timing is very important in shipping. You need to contract with the service at least two to three weeks in advance so that the transport can be properly coordinated. Failing to do so, can cost you in the end. 

For instance, if special equipment, such as riggers, is needed to load and unload your cargo, this equipment will need to be reserved ahead of time. There could possibly be a heavy demand for the equipment needed. Instead of your cargo being hauled when you wanted, it might end up being hauled at a later time when the equipment is secured. 

This could result in a number of additional charges for you, including additional storage charges. 

Prepare Your Shipment

Before the shipment is loaded for hauling, you need to prepare it. For instance, it is imperative that you secure any items that could become dislodged during travel. An item falling off on a public road could result in serious injuries to other motorists. 

If you are hauling items that require fuel, be sure to drain all of the fuel and other flammables before moving it. If the hauler is involved in an accident, the fuel could cause a fire or make one worse. 

You also need to check with the hauler to determine if you need to secure your own pilot cars. If so, contract with one before the move. 

Heavy hauling is more than just loading up the cargo and going. It requires careful planning on both your part and that of the hauler. Talk to Larry's Heavy Hauling (1990) Ltd to find out what else you need to do to prepare. 

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